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Hi Dan,

Thanks for giving me the opportunity for 1:1 training.  I approached the session today with a great deal of trepidation and anxiety.  Have to say, your calm approach and obvious knowledge really put me at ease (well as much as could be expected considering I haven't handled a gun in over 40 years).

Again, thank you for a great session.  Looking forward to follow up next week in Boulder Junction.

Again, thank you for a great initial experience and basic training.


Dear Dan,

I so enjoyed the 3 hours of shooting lessons with you on the 13th of June.

I have never shot a pistol before this lesson, and basically have always been afraid of guns.

I learned so very much during those 3 hours. I know I need to practice shooting, but your excellent

instructions have made me feel much more confident, and more sure of myself where guns

are concerned.

Your son, Jack, was a huge help, and such a delightful young man.

Thanks again so very much.

Carol Pfefferkorn




Dear Dan,

I have been shooting pistols very sporadically for about 50 years.

Prior to Wednesdays shooting class with you, I had never received any formal instructions

on the proper technique with pistols.

Needless to say, you quickly observed that there was a great deal for me to undo.

In that 3 hour session, I received excellent instructions in the basics of proper grip, stance,

sighting, trigger squeeze, etc. My targets, all though far from perfect, were fairly acceptable, and

gave me new confidence as I now go forward in my own practice sessions.

Thank you so much for your excellent teaching, and also thanks to your son, Jack, for his help

at the range.

Dolf Pfefferkorn

Dear Dan,


Just a note to say how much I appreciated the fine job you did the other day at our shooting lesson.  The depth and breadth of your knowledge regarding firearms is beyond impressive.  But I also want to compliment your teaching ability.  It is one thing to have knowledge; it is another to be able to convey it and you do so in a relaxed style that puts everyone at ease. 


Despite three and a half years in the Navy, part of which required me to carry a sidearm at all times, I learned a great deal from your lesson and am very happy to have had the experience.


All the best,   Bud Kuppenheimer


I thought the training went well and I learned a lot.  My first thought when you mentioned doing the class was that it was pretty expensive at $150.  After taking the class, my comment is that is was a bargain.  The fact that your organization is going to send us the forms, help with the paper work and will send a book with the Wisconsin law covered is a real added bonus.  If you have anyone that wants a reference from someone that has taken the training, feel free to give them my name and phone number.

Virgil Davis

Rhinelander, WI

Hi Dan

Just wanted to thank you for the course yesterday in Eagle River at the Eagle River Inn. At first I thought what could take 6 hours to teach on guns. Even though we ran over in time it still wasn't enough.

I could have listened another 6 hours! You were so comprehensive and went to such great lengths to explain things it was great. The people in the class were also good in all respects. Your injection of humor was spot on. Feel free to pass this e-mail on to the powers that be for my personal feedback. GREAT CLASS!!!

    Wayne W. Kapke

    Eagle River


I thought the class was excellent and am so glad I took it. Keep up the good work! Ted informs me that we may be able to do the cowboy course. I would love to participate and honored to be given the opportunity. Thanks so much. PS I would like to treat my father in law to the course as well. So if you can give me the details that would be much appreciated.

Kevin Tadych


Hi Dan

            Just wanted to thank you for the great job you did with teaching the CCW class . I fully enjoyed every minute of it and the way you made everything so clear . I would recommend this class with you teaching it to every one I talk to . Looking forward to more of your other classes down the road as soon as my wife gets back on her feet again .

                                                       Take care & Keep up the good work

                                                                        JIM JACOBI

                                                                           Hazelhurst Wi.

     I am very proud to say that we have trained over 1000 people who took the Newly developed License to carry class for WI 365 of them were Veterans, 44 retired Law Enforcement officers,  13 Hunter safety instructors 5 Retired Corrections Officers and Numerous Husband and wife combos. All of them are Law abiding citizens who have the right to Self Defense and soon the option to do so armed at there discretion. Below are just a few of there comments.  I love the opportunity to help others exercise there rights safely and with the knowledge they need to do so within the fine points of the law.

Hi Dan,


      We just wanted to Thank You for a great and informative class we really enjoyed listening to you.  We will be contacting you soon for other courses you have, I know we need to get Jessi fitted with a gun. We would also like to do the shooting qual's.




Jay and Jessi


My wife Marj, our neighbors Kathleen and Jim and I want to thank you for the excellent AACFI- CCW course we recently attended at Lincoln Gun Club.


We have all since received our Wisconsin Concealed Carry Licenses (CCL).


We found that the course educated us, not only regarding handling handguns safely in Carrying mode, but especially regarding

the Legality, Responsibility as well as legal, moral, psychological, and financial Liabilities of having to use deadly force or even threat of deadly force against another human being.  You had also noted that people from your class should  continue to maintain current

awareness regarding CCW in all the above aspects.   The CD you provided is a good reference for this all.


Upon reading the Wi Act. ,I had noted that, the Wi Dept of Justice recognizes

AS LITTLE AS a Hunter Safety Certificate as sufficient "training" to qualify for the CCL,


The fact of the matter is that, as a Wi DNR Hunter Safety Instructor for over 20 years, I immediately realized that allowing a Hunter Safety Certificate as sufficient training for a CCL, is a disservice to both the person receiving the CCL, as well as the community at large.

A Hunter Safety Course covers ONLY gun safety issues in the field and in the home.

It does not prepare the CC Licensee for the scenario of Personal Defense at all,  as to CCW aspects of gun safety, as well as to all the Legality, responsibility and liability involved in CCW. 


I firmly believe that any person wanting to have the legal status of the CCL  to CCW if he or she chooses, should have attended a course such as yours, for proper preparation. THis in No different than needing Drivers Ed and even pass a DOT test, written and then driving test to get a Drivers license.


Again, we wish to thank you for the course- it was worth every penny of the fee.


And have a Happy New Year. 


Arnold and Marj Seitz,   Jim and Kathleen Lienlokken


Handgun Fitting

Recently three of us attended a handgun fitting class with Dan Tomasoski.  Dan has fired literally hundreds of thousands rounds of ammunition thru a myriad of guns; both handguns and long arms.  He shoots both casually and competitively.  A day spent with Dan helps allows you to tap into expert guidance.  Not only will he teach you proper shooting form you have an opportunity to try it out with 10 different hand guns.  Before you make the large investment in a firearm, the professional attention from Dan helps you have great form and a gun that fits your own unique shooting skills.

Mark Gostisha Land O’ Lakes WI

Concealed Carry Classes

The new Concealed Carry Laws of Wisconsin expand 2nd amendment rights to law abiding Wisconsin residents.  The law only requires a basic Hunter Safety card or Honorable Discharge from any branch of the US military to apply for a permit.  While the military and hunter safety are respected avenues to learn impeccable gun safety skills; the concealed carry law is very complex and has opportunities for a law abiding citizen to get into deep trouble.  Concealed carry has different potential pitfalls than hunting or military applications of gun use.  A quality class by a respected professional will help make this legal labyrinth easier to understand.  Dan Tomasoski presents the law in an easy to understand format.  His class not only details the law, but Dan uses his lifetime firearm experiences with a review of the equipment (guns & holsters, lights and more) required to make concealed carry a safe life style option.   As a recent graduate of Dan’s class I feel more comfortable with the law after his one day class.

Mark Gostisha  Land O’ Lakes WI



Your concealed carry training is exceptional. The classroom training gave me a complete understanding of the law and made me feel much more comfortable about when it was appropriate to use a firearm in self defense. Also providing the opportunity to learn how to handle many different types of handguns and seeing the advantages and disadvantages of each was very extremely  helpful. The most outstanding part of your course, however, was the actual handling and shooting of the guns that I had decided I might be interested in purchasing. With so many different choices in guns and the significant investment, being able to size the guns and  experience how they feel gave me the confidence I will purchase the right gun for me. Your knowledge, patience and thoroughness makes your training class top-notch.


Thanks, Jim Thomas


I took your class twice over the past few years and really got a lot out of it the second time around as well. Its Great information and is tailored for Wisconsin but you provided all the tools to feel confident on my frequent Travel to Michigan.

I believe that any one who is carrying a weapon is putting themselves and their families at great financial and legal peril by not getting a full understanding of the ramifications of carrying a weapon.

I have taken many technical classes over the years and you are the most conscientious, well prepared instructor I have ever encountered.

Your entire presentation from beginning to end was filled with practical examples of not only the legal ramifications, but also the practical examples involving types of handguns, how to carry them safely, what kind of ammo is best to use.

You discussed at length what is going to happen when a person decides that they need to pull out their handgun to protect themselves or a family member, right down to how the the police and the legal system going to treat you.

Thanks for giving me the confidence to really feel comfortable with my guns.

Gary Croisatiere

Conover WI