Tactical 3 Gun


Come Join us Every Monday evening from 3 to 7 PM in Boulder Junction.

We enjoy an informal 3 Gun style shoot every Mon. evening.

Come to watch or come to shoot :

What you will need :   HandGun:  38 9mm 357 40 45  pistol or Revo  holster is optional but prefered.

Rifle : AR - 15,  AR 10 , M1A,  FAL, Mini14 or Mini 30  AK 47  or SKS call w/ questions

Shotgun  Any Pump, or Auto that is safe and hold a least 5 rounds.

Ammo  Pistol 40 +   Rifle 40+  SG 20 +   and lots more if you want to shoot multiple times.

Ear & Eye protection required for all  weather shooting or spectating.

Fees all go to the Boulder Junction Shooting Range for continued Growth

and membership is optional but encouraged and only 25.00 per year.

3.00 for your first run and 2.00 for each additional.

                   Call with ???’s  Dan 715-367-1144 or Jeff  715-542-2089