Long Range Rifle


Long Range Rifle shooting and hunting is a growing sport and of all types of shooting

the most critical to get ALL the details right  to achieve your goal. You will learn those

details  and how to weave them into you current shooting regimen.  We provide the Rifles

and ammo for training. We will begin with 223 22-250 6MM Remington  .308  300 RUM

338 RUM and finnish off with the Ultimate Long Range Weapon  the 50 BMG 

You can bring your rifle and ammo if you have chosen one .

We cover the mental as well as the physical aspects of Long Range accuracy

and a complete equipment list including hand help pocket computers to calculate

bullet drop and wind.  High Quality Optics .  Wind and Weather stations . Laser Range finders

Inclinometers and rifle support and High Quality Ammunition . Try before you by can be the best money you ever spend.

                                    199.00 Per Session

                                    Call for open dates



Big Horn Mountains