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Over the past 25 years I have come to value our 2nd Amendment rights more & more every

day. The belief that we ALL have the right to LIFE, liberty and the pursuit of happiness,

and the right and ability to defend that LIFE is of great importance to me. I found a great

program to provide that training for me and my family. I was so impressed with the program

and the passionate resolve of the individuals who presented it, I decided to join them.

Now it’s YOUR turn !

Check our Schedule for Classes Near You. Classes to give you the knowledge you need not just a piece of paper that says you can carry a gun.  Learn how the laws of defensive

gun use, work in a daily carry regimen . Don’t find out the hard way what you did not know.

Protect your family, your assets and your freedom.

We will be offering Classes in Eagle River, Rhinelander, Minocqua, Park Falls, Wausau,

Florence, Antigo, Three Lakes, Townsend, Schofield, Hazelhurst, Three Lakes,  Boulder Junction and Land O Lakes .


Come Join Us for Quality Firearms Training


What others thought of our Training

                                                  Hand Gun Basics :

   This is a great place to start or to go back to if you missed some things since you began 


                                                  Carrying a gun

  Updates in the  Wisconsin Carry Law   :  

   Wisconsin’s New License to carry Class covers in great detail the new Concealed cary option and out current constitutional  Open Carry Law, We also cover Hand gun safety

and the practical application of day to day carry.  This course far exceeds the minimum

required by the state and is statutorily approved as written in the law. Clic for details

A person should take a class that will prepare them not only how to handle a handgun, but how to survive an attack physically, morally, financially and legally so they go home and stay out of prison. The length of the training is not important, the content of the class is what matters.

Our  training covers conflict avoidance, the use and threat of lethal force, the aftermath of a defensive gun use, dealing with the police and the legal system, Wisconsin's laws, the mechanics of carry, how to properly finance a defensive gun use, choosing a handgun that fits, and a live fire shooting qualification and much more. I also cover the physical, and psychological effects of an attack and shooting another person or being shot yourself. 

Our class will radically change your view if your education about what it is like to shoot someone has come from internet chat, TV, the or movies  So, if you have decided to get a weapons license or to constitutionally carry a handgun without one, please consider the course content when making a decision about the training you will take. It is important not only for you, but for your family as well. 

Stay Safe.


                                                  Advanced Handgun:

    Take it to the next level. Learn how to become more accurate,  proficient with your 

    Handgun of choice.

                                               Personal Handgun Fitting:

   Find the hand gun that is really right for you, by true hands on fitting followed by live fire   

   at  the range. The only true way to make the choice of what to buy . From 22 LR to the

   500 S&W.

                                                  Long Range Rifle :

   Weather you’re  planning a trip out west or just like to make little holes in paper at long

   distances we take you through the proper equipment and how to use it for exceptional  

   accuracy at ranges from 300 to 1000 yards. 22 cal. to the 50 BMG

                                                    Tactical 3 Gun :   

  Learn the ins and outs of the great sport of Tactical 3 gun competition come and watch

  for free and if you like it, we can enhance your skills  and provide you with the drills you

   need to enjoy shooting on a whole new level.

                                              Cowboy Action Shooting:

  With monthly matches in Rhinelander on the 3rd sunday  every month, we offer the tips  

  and training to get you up and running or to smooth out the rough edges in your  game.



Training Courses :