Legally Carrying a Gun


Carry Permit Training

AACFI's Permit to Carry Training covers the four broad topic areas necessary to understand if a permit to carry is for you and, if so, how to survive a Defensive Gun Use (DGU). The four broad topic areas are:

Personal/Moral - Do I have the personal fortitude and capability to use a firearm for self-defense?

Legal - A complete understanding of the laws regarding the use of deadly force and permit to carry laws. Criminal and Civil issues

Practical - How do I carry a firearm? What type of handgun is right for me? Maintaining shooting skills. Practical tips for carry and surviving a DGU.

Communal - What are the expectations of the community? What are the expectations of permit holders? How do the laws and communal expectations live together?

Learn the answers to these questions and leave with the definitive book on carrying a firearm for personal protection.

AACFI training satisfies the requirements for Florida and New Hampshire (once you have received a permit from your state). As WI residents we can get non-resident permits for Florida and New Hampshire as  well.

Reenforcing that open carry has always been legal in WI



                                    What you can Expect from our Class       

                   Wisconsin Open Carry Law : and  Concealed Carry Law

          We have the newest Updated Training for Wisconsin's New Carry Law.

     A team of Experts has moulded a detailed Program to give you the information you            need to avoid breaking the Rules and the laws while carrying a gun.

    1. The importance of avoiding conflict

    2. We cover in great detail the Law and how it applies to concealed and open carry.

    3. Use and threat of deadly force

    4. Its aftermath

    5. Routine police encounters

    6. Choosing a handgun for carry

    7. Mechanics of everyday carry

    8. Legalities of Wisconsin Open Carry

    9. Inter State Travel information

    10. Financial Liabilities and Insurance

    11. 200 Page Soft Cover Reference Manual

    12. Workbook for note taking & Followup

    13. No additional charge for the optional shooting qualification that will be required for applying for permits in other states.

    14. Shooting is not required to receive your certificate but is available at no additional cost for those who would like to qualify. If you plan to shoot