Handgun Basics


A great place to start your training. We cover all platforms and calibers. You will learn gun handling and a major focus on safety. Cleaning, Maintenance, and storage. Choosing the

right handgun. Ammunition recognition and selection. Classroom program, plus in class

training with high quality Airsoft  systems, and Live Fire at the range. 22LR Ammo, training guns and targets are provided.

What do you need to bring: Good attitude on SAFETY.  Eye and Ear protection  if you have it.

Proper clothing for outdoor range time. You can come alone or with a buddy, or as a family.

we also offer private classes held at location of your choice, even in your home. Give us a call

and we can talk about your ideas.

Handgun Safety & Handling Basics

AACFI has written the first Handgun Safety & Handling Basic Textbook in over 40 years. The evolution of handguns and new imbedded technologies are discussed in AACFI's new text. AACFI has re-thought and re-designed basic handgun training to reflect today's teaching technologies and insight into learning. This is, on average, a five hour course instructing students, testing knowledge, and providing a safe and enjoyable shooting experience.